This page serves as a place to share and store documents relevant to NTLA and assessment projects at member institutions.

Spring 2015 Meeting

From Micro to Macro: Correlating Instruction with Student Learning & Success through Local and National Initiatives, Hollie Gardner, SMU

Presentation: From Micro to Macro

From Micro to Macro: GWLA Student Outcomes Research, Zoltán Szentkirályi, SMU

Slides: NTLA Meeting March 20, 2015 – GWLA Student Outcomes Research

Assessing Outreach at UT Tyler, Alma Ravenell and Rebecca Fernandez, UT Tyler

Slides:Assessing outreach at UT Tyler Muntz Library

Introduction to IPEDS for Academic Libraries, Brenda Robertson, UNT-Dallas

Slides: Introduction to IPEDS

Information Literacy Assessment, Danelle Toups, TCC Trinity River Campus

Charts: Info Lit Report for presentation

Summer 2014 Meeting

 Qualitative Analysis, Terra Bianchi & Margo Duncan

Slides: Qualitative Research and Analysis

Space Use Assessment, Tiffany LeMaistre & Zoltán Szentkirályi

Slides: NTLA Meeting July 11, 2014 – Library Space Assessment

Sample Headcount Spreadsheet: Muntz Library Headcount Spreadsheet Spring 2014

Planning an Assessment Project, Laurel Crawford & Alex Werner

Slides: Library assessment

Workshop Worksheet: Library Assessment Workshop handout

Workshop Handbook: Handout Library Assessment


View Images from the Wrap-Up on Facebook: Facebook Album

Conference Notes Submitted by Members

ALA 2014 Annual Conference

Notes submitted by Brenda Robertson: ALA 2014 – Conference Notes – Robertson


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