January 2014 Meeting

The North Texas Library Assessment Winter Meeting was held on Friday, January 17, in the Forum on the first floor of Willis Library at the University of North Texas in Denton.

Karen Harker, Beth Avery, and Brenda Robertson gave a panel on library assessment and accreditation. Click here to download the PowerPoint slides for the UNT portion of the presentation. Click here to download a sample collection report from Beth Avery that has identifying institutional information removed. Click here to download the UNT Dallas Library Assessment report that Brenda Robertson used for her portion of the presentation.

Debbie McMahon, Elizabeth Killingsworth, and Zoltan Szentkiralyi presented on the outcomes of the 2013 GWLA Conference on Learning Outcomes. Click here to download the PowerPoint slides for this presentation.

The meeting agenda was as follows:

  • 9:30    Registration and light snacks
  • 10:00  Update from the NTLA Planning Committee
  • 10:30 Panel on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment:  Elizabeth Killingsworth and Zoltan Szentkiralyi, both from SMU, sharing their experience at the November 2013 GWLA Conference on Student Learning Outcomes; we are waiting to hear back from other invited panelists
  • 11:15 Round-table discussions on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • 12:00 Lunch: a chance to chat and catch up with colleagues you don’t often see
  • 1:00   Panel on Library Assessment in Accreditation: Karen Harker and Beth Avery, both from UNT; Brenda Robertson, UNT Dallas
  • 2:00   Discussion at one of 3 topic tables
    • Collection evaluation & assessment
    • Future of library assessment
    • Overcoming barriers to assessment
  • 3:00  Discussion about future meetings
    • Can (should) we do it online?
    • Topics?
    • Location?

The next meeting will be held in person at The University of Texas at Tyler. The planning committee will try to schedule the meeting for a Friday in July. Possible topics discussed included getting faculty buy-in to review course materials and the impact of temporary collections such as demand driven acquisitions books on assessment.