The Future of NTLA

The North Texas Library Assessment group has been a bit, shall we say, quiet for the last year or so.  It is not clear if this dormancy is due to true lack of interest in the topic or other reasons.  I fear that the future of our little group is uncertain.  Is this group worth our time and effort to cultivate and grow?  Or are our assessment needs being met through other means?

We have secured a spot at the next Cross Timbers Library Collaborative conference, scheduled for Friday, July 22, 2016 at the Northwest campus of the Tarrant County College.  There, I hope that we can come to a consensus on the direction we should go – where ever that should be.  In order to have a foundation of discussion, would you please complete this anonymous survey on past and future participation, as well as current needs & interests.  Feel free to forward the survey to any person you think would be interested.

Also, feel free to comment to this post, or send me an email: karen.harker at



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