From email to ARL-ASSES Listserv:

Hello everyone,

I am currently exploring ways in which to gather and record information on IL assessment in the classroom.

We currently require all librarians who teach an IL session to record their student learning outcomes in Springshare’s LibAnalytics product (along with other basic information about the course like many people).  We started doing this last semester in order to build the foundation for future curriculum mapping projects with academic departments.

One next step would be to be record how those outcomes are being assessed in the classroom – whether that be through 3-2-1 cards, a post-test, an online exit survey, or another method.

Is anyone currently gathering this information? What do your fields in LibAnalytics look like? More importantly, how are you using it or plan to use it? Are you gathering any other assessment information from your instruction librarians?

Thank you in advance for the collective wisdom! Feel free to reply off list.

Clinton Baugess | Research & Instruction Librarian and Coordinator of Information Literacy


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