Hands on workshops! Bring your ideas and documents

Dear Library Assessment Colleagues,

During the afternoon workshops for Friday’s NTLA summer meeting at UT Tyler, the goal is for each of you to create or refine a spreadsheet, template, or outline for an assessment project that is of interest at your local institution (in the areas of qualitative analysis, library space assessment, or planning an assessment project). The idea is to get some hands-on practice in your area of interest, and to facilitate a collaborative atmosphere in which all of our collective experience can translate into tangible new tools that we can take with us. The presenters will lead the workshops, but you may also have insight and experience you can share during the workshops as well.

To that end, please consider bringing some supporting files, printouts, maps, notes, or any other details from your own institution that would be helpful to have as reference during the creative process during the afternoon hands-on workshops and collaboration.

Also, please remember to bring a laptop with Excel. There may be a few loaners onsite, but it’s not confirmed.

See you all on Friday!


One thought on “Hands on workshops! Bring your ideas and documents

  1. Clara Latham

    This was a very helpful conference and workshop. We all learned a lot about measuring usage of our libraries.


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