Institute for Research Design in Librarianship – Applications

If you haven’t heard about the IRDL yet, and if you have but haven’t decided yet to apply, please consider this program.  Funded by an IMLS grant, this program provides a week-long training program on research design that is focused specifically on your research problem.  Unlike so many courses on research, this program requires you to bring your idea for conducting research to the program.  This enables you to get more out of the training than vague generalities and broad concepts that may be difficult to apply.  It is also competitive, giving you exposure to the real world of academic research, particularly regarding grants.

Most importantly, the program is targeting librarians who currently are or have recently participated in a research project, but who have not yet published in a peer-review journal.  The purpose of this program is grow the talent and skills of you who are interested, but haven’t gotten that first brass ring.

Here is where you can view the Call for Proposals: .


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