New Coll-Assess Discussion List!

One exciting outcome of the ALCTS E-Forum (see previous post) was the birth of a new ALA-hosted Coll-Assess discussion list.  Lucy Lyons, from Northwestern University, posted a reference to the Assessment Methods & Data Bank LibGuide that she maintains.  This is an excellent resources, BTW, if you are just getting started in assessment.  She also mentioned that she maintains an informal email list of a few librarians who have an interest in collection assessment and offered to add me to her list.  Well that just opened the flood-gates, because the next thing you know, dozens of people had asked to be added (as co-moderator, I should have controlled this a little better).

Kristin Martin, E-Forum Coordinator, acted quickly and worked with the technical people from ALA to get a discussion list started by the next morning!  So let me introduce to you, good people of the North Texas Library Assessment, the all-new Coll-Assess Discussion List!

We have the new Collection Assessment List set up: Coll-Assess

Karen Harker, one of the co-moderators for today’s e-forum on Collection Assessment and Jackie Bronicki, the current Chair of the ALCTS Collection Evaluation and Assessment Interest Group (and, coincidentally, you both are in Texas) have both agreed to be owners for the list.

Here are the instructions for subscribing:

To Subscribe:

  1. Create an account at the ALCTS Discussion List Web site ( )
  2. Go to the Coll-assess web site
  3. Click the “Subscribe” link in the left-hand column
  4. Enter the email address where you’d like to receive the messages
  5. You’ll receive an email message containing a password, enter the pw. You are now subscribed.



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