What Chief Academic Officers Want from Their Libraries

“Administrators in higher education have historically evaluated their schools, departments and programs on three factors: (1) quality of that program, often as measured by some external body such as the National Academy of Sciences; (2) centrality of that program to the mission of the academic institution of which it is a part; and (3) demand for the offerings of that program. In recent years a fourth factor—cost of the program relative to those other factors—is often added. Librarians seeking to understand how to make themselves most valued and valuable would do well to keep these in mind.”

Read more at the ACRL White Papers and Reports site, What Chief Academic Officers Want from Their Libraries:Findings fr… by Leigh S. Estabrook, Library Research CenterUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Originally posted by Kay Chapa on libassess.ning.com blog.


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