The Annual AAHSL Survey: Is there a headache remedy?

I was prepared this time. I knew that most likely there would be obstacles to overcome when I began gathering all the information necessary to complete the annual AAHSL survey. Last year, my first experience with the survey, was not pleasant. I was determined that this year would be better, and it was, but I’m still not satisfied with the quality of the data collection. During the next few months I will work with our DATA Team to document the data collection processes. We will identify the weaknesses, gaps, overlaps, inconsistencies among the various data collection processes, and maybe develop a data collection system.

This is where you, a Ning member, comes in. Can you tell me what your library has in place that enables the reliable, systematic, and ongoing collection of data? That is, data that are necessary for the completion of annual surveys such as the AAHSL survey. Don’t feel you have to describe your library’s process in detail. I just want to learn about how other libraries address data collection (and compilation).

Someone in your library has a headache, an AAHSL survey-induced one. Do you have a remedy?

Originally posted by Kay Chapa on blog.


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