Call for Participation: Effective, Sustainable and Practical Library Assessment

*Call for Participation: Effective, Sustainable and Practical Library Assessment*

Washington, DC—The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is pleased to announce that the Effective, Sustainable, and Practical Library Assessment service is soliciting participation for 2008. Visiting Program Officers Steve Hiller (University of Washington Libraries) and Jim Self (University of Virginia Library) are working with Martha Kyrillidou (ARL) to assist libraries in developing effective, sustainable, and practical assessment programs that demonstrate the libraries’ contributions to teaching, learning, and research. Steve and Jim bring extensive experience and knowledge from their own libraries, which are well-known for their assessment programs, as well as from assessment evaluation visits to 30 libraries since 2005. ARL brings a strong commitment and support for library assessment programs and services. This service is available to all libraries interested in enhancing their assessment activities. The service involves a site visit to each participating library, a report to each library with recommendations on practical and sustainable assessment, and follow-up assistance in implementing the recommendations.

Libraries that will benefit include those interested in:

*Starting an assessment program

* Prioritizing assessment activities

* Using assessment and usage data to improve services and resources

* Establishing benchmarks, performance standards and cost analysis

* Participating (or have participated) in LibQUAL+®

* Preparing for institutional regional accreditation within the next few years

* Moving assessment from project-based to ongoing and sustainable

* Developing an organizational “culture of assessment”

* Evaluating current assessment efforts and needs

*Cost and Contact Information

The cost for participation is $3,500 plus travel expenses for the two project leaders.

Libraries interested in participating should contact Martha Kyrillidou

For information on additional assessment services by ARL, see:

Originally posted by Karen R. Harker on blog.


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