On becoming an assessment librarian…

A good assessment librarian sees everything through the lens of assessment. When such a person considers the words of E.B. Browning, “How do I love thee/Let me count the ways…”, she (or he) thinks, “Aha! These are outcomes! But what impact does my love for thee have on me?” When the Library recently started providing toilet-seat covers in the women’s restrooms, that librarian should have wondered, how will we know if this works? We could count the number of boxes used (outcomes) or, even better, the cleanliness of the toilets during random inspections.

The point is, an assessment librarian thinks of measurements for everything. That doesn’t mean such measurements should always be taken, but they should be considered, or at least thought about.

Originally posted by Karen R. Harker on libassess.ning.com blog.


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